Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Pettiskirt...

Wow. What a project. It's not really hard, just very time consuming. I like being able to sew something from start to finish in 2 nights, and I think this took 4. And I still have to do Demi's! I think it will be much better doing hers though. Just having the experience should make the 2nd one easier. And faster. It is definitely a must have for every princess!!!

Here are two shots of Lexi modeling her skirt.

And even though Demi is mad because hers is not ready yet- she still knows how to work it!! :)

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  1. I just signed up with Blogger just so I could add comments on your beautiful crafts....
    I LOVE the pettiskirts! Looks like the girls are going to have a blast with them...and I think you could sell those without ANY problem!! Hope you had a fabulous vacation and wish Lexi a belated Happy Birthday for me!