Wednesday, July 23, 2008

TJ's Blanket

While I meant for this site to be strictly for sewn items, I just had to put this on here..I FINALLY finished crocheting TJ's blanket (I started this when I was about 5 months pregnant- and now he's 9 months old!)! It was not hard at all, I was just really really tired the last part of the pregnancy and after he was born, then too busy, then it just kept getting put down and forgotten. Next time, a project like this will Stay by the couch to remind me if I'm watching TV to work on it too.

So here it is (the blue one), right next to the one TJ's been using every night since he was born (which was made by my bff, Cerise, who also taught me how to crochet! THANK YOU CERISE!!)


  1. It looks fantastic!! I'm so glad you finished it! And I think you should whatever crafts you finish up. Those blankets are time consuming!

  2. Gorgeous Alisha. You should be so proud!!