Monday, August 11, 2008


Well, I thought I should take the time to update so anyone looking knows why nothing has been posted lately! I'm working on a couple of gifts right now and I cannot post them and risk the people they are for looking! Will post them soon though! And then I'll be on to sewing more!

As a teaser- the girls will be wearing their pettiskirt outfits with an eye patch and black boots for Halloween. They will be Captain Pirate Princesses! And I will be making TJ some black and white checkered pants to match with a black shirt and an eye patch so he can be their Captain Pirate Prince Brother! The girls insisted they be CAPTAIN Princesses and Prince! So cute! I'm just happy to know I don't really have to worry about Halloween now! :)

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  1. Those will be super cute for Pirate Princesses!! What a good idea!