Sunday, August 17, 2008


So, too make a long story very, very short- My wonderful cousin Cassie taught my sisters, my cousin Jennie, and myself how to make these awesome wrap skirts yesterday while she was in town. So, I took a break from my special projects and made one. I actually only managed to get it cut while with the family, and I planned to work on my special projects when I got home, but I just couldn't! I had to finish my skirt! And it is Fantastic! It's so nice to make myself something. And this was one of those projects where I sit back and think, I can't believe that folded up piece of fabric just turned into this!!! THANK YOU CASSIE!!!

And be forewarned, I'll be making myself plenty more of these so more will show up on this blog! :)

Pics aren't so great, but I was taking them myself- and not with my good camera!


  1. That is freaking adorable. You are so teaching me that!

  2. love the skirt! it turned out so pretty. good job

  3. Thats so cute! Wish I had time to do that. Guess you'll just have to make me one!! ;)