Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Finally- I can show off a few of those special projects!

So, my bff, Cerise, and her husband, John are expecting their first baby in October.

Right around TJ's birthday! TJ is really excited to meet his bff, Lyndon, and is excited that their birthdays will be so close together. Maybe even the same!!! Her baby shower at State Farm was today. And I just have to include this picture of her from the shower because it is so adorable!

SO... their nursery is in a Rocket/Spaceship theme, and I ran across this cake and just had to make it for her shower! (note- this post obviously has more than just sewing projects in it!) Here is the cake. I am SO pleased it turned out so good! I have never attempted anything like this before!

Also, another girl I used to work with is due in October. I made both girls little cover up blankets and completely forgot to take pictures of them. Then, I made Jennifer (also expecting a boy) these 3 burp cloths. (Thank you to my cousin Cassie, Aunt Jawana, and Grandma for making me some burp cloths like these! I had never thought of something like this and I was able to make these for this gift from looking at the ones they made for me!)

And finally- my "big" project for Cerise's baby!
Sew finally, I have shown off some of those projects I've been working on! Now, I just have to finish one other project for someone else! But first- it's time for me to get some sleep!!!

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  1. Oh my GOD I'm GIGANTIC!! Thank you for all my wonderful gifts!! They are awesome! I'm so lucky to have a friend like you!