Friday, September 26, 2008

The new (and completely and totally AWESOME) addition to my Craft Room!

I have been wanting and looking for something to display my clothes on, but have never really found anything I could afford. Until yesterday, that is. So now my craft room is looking much nicer without the clothes laying around in there (because the kids will play in them if I don't keep them where they know they aren't to get stuff). And I couldn't be more pleased! I really was expecting this to be much more worn and ugly in person, but it's not! It looks fantastic! Really- See for yourself! :P

Yeah, yeah- the rocking chair is right there so something will have to move- but still, my craft room looks SO much better now- And I told you it was awesome! :P


  1. ok, that thing is cool. and we def will have to borrow it for the craft fair!

  2. That thing is awesome. I think Holly is right. Would be PERFECT to use as a display rack at a craft fair. What a lucky find!

  3. Love the rack!! If you ever see another one for sale, pleae let me know.