Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Finally I have completed ALL the bandanna pants! Man those things were getting too repetitive! I believe I counted 27 pair total. That includes the ones that I had already posted. Oh, and I'm pretty sure the football ones will be staying here for TJ!

Now, I can finally get onto sewing some cute boy outfits for the craft fair! Something different than those same ole pants- even if they were different designs, it was still too much of the same thing! Only bad thing.... The boy outfits need pants too! But, it will still be better. I can feel it's better already! Better just knowing I am DONE with all of those bandannas!!!


  1. they are all really cute. good job.

  2. Wow girl that's a lot of bandanna pants way to go!!!

  3. You have to keep the football pants!! Those are perfect for Tj!