Saturday, December 13, 2008

Craft Fair and TX Pants

Sew.. Our 1st ever Craft Fair has now come and gone. I did not go, but was constantly on the phone with my big sis for updates. We had a large variety of things for sale. My mom made some awesome picture frames, one aunt made purses, while another and my grandma made laptop bags and teapot covers, a cousin made pillowcases and girl dresses, my little sis made some wallets, and my big sis made some girl outfits and some hunk holders (pot holders made from a fabric with topless muscular men on it!), and I had all my pants, headbands, and those few TX hair bows I had made. I'm sure there was more that I am forgetting as well.

The hunk holders were a HUGE hit. As well as pillowcases made out of the hunk fabric. Other than that- nothing really sold! And of all the things I made, my TX bows- which took 30 seconds to make, and I felt were VERY cheaply made, were the one thing I did sale! And I sold them for $1 each! So I came out with $4! But that's cool. I think we've learned a lot. Different places may want different product. Some of our items did end up in a boutique at the end of the craft fair- so maybe some will sale there! And if not, I will list some on etsy, and also hold some back for next time. It will be nice to have a head start on the next Craft Fair!

Sew... Here's a pic of the booth and my mom posing! (Sorry, pic was taken with my sister's cell)
And here are some pics of the TX pants I made. I apparently hit a button on the camera and all these pics came out a bit blurry. Too bad all the stuff was gone so I couldn't take better pics once I fixed the camera!
And here are some pics of my pile of pants, tagged and ready to go, as well as a sign I made for the headbands!


  1. a) i did not authorize use of that picture. BUT b) it's ok and i'm just joking!

  2. Sorry it wasn't a bigger hit...but I guess that's the thing with craft never know exactly what anyone will be looking for. I keep meaning to post my scarves on etsy to see how they do...maybe one day I will find the time. Let me know if you decide to do that and I'll help spread the word. :o)