Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lane's Auction

Sew... I was going to make a cute little dress for my sweet cousin, Lane, for her 1st Birthday. I just couldn't find the fabric I wanted. Nothing seemed to jump out at me. And then I ran across a fabric I already had that was absolutely perfect. Her room is in a jungle theme and her Birthday party was too. The fabric just wasn't right for a dress though. So I made her some pants. And I made a matching fabric headband to go with it! This is the first fabric headband I've ever made and it was VERY easy. I was pleased with the final product! And now that I was able to give it to her today- I can post the pic!  Sew here it is!

We also had the big family Christmas today. This year we did an auction to help raise money for my uncle who has some very serious health problems right now. I think it turned out great! I wish I would have thought to take pictures of everything- nearly every single item in the auction was hand made! I come from such a wonderful crafty family! Since we weren't doing our usual white elephant, or drawing names and getting presents for those people this year- I wanted to make sure there would be items in the auction that my little sister and nephew (both 13) would be interested in. Sew I made 2 sets of throw pillows for them thinking they could win them both and then give each other a pillow. So they would both have one of each! I don't think anyone though my Aunt Jawana was going to pull all her tickets for one of those sets of pillows! I'm really happy they were so liked! I hope Morgan (my aunt Jawana's grand-daughter that she got them for) really likes them! And I hope I can find some more of that fabric to make Kaylee and Brayden some like them. They were really wanting them! 

First are the pillows Kaylee and Bray did win.

And here are the ones my Aunt Jawana won. 

I am very happy with how they all turned out! Rob wants some TX ones too. The auction was really neat. I think I got the most stuff and I really am not sure how the family allowed it! I mean, one of the things I really was wanting was this wooden candle Christmas decoration thingy... I bought it for the auction from my neighbor who makes all kinds of wooden decorations. I was the only person who even put tickets in for it And only 7 tickets at that (we got 20 tickets per person)! I couldn't believe it. In fact, I think I was the only person who put any in for some picture frames my mom made and wallets my sister made as well. I won those for 3-5 tickets. I think 3. Rob got a cool drink holder I think for 7 of the tickets too. And then this sign.. I will be hanging on the wall over my sewing desk ASAP- It says, "Any day spent sewing is a GOOD day!"

 And I got that for hardly any tickets, as well. I am really shocked most people weren't going for this same stuff. Especially the Christmas decoration thing. I LOVE IT! 

One of the biggest (okay, definitely THE biggest in my mind) hits was a spool holder my uncle dwight made. It is AWESOME. He is a great carpenter. Has been since I can remember. It has always amazed me how some people can take a peice of wooden and do such amazing things with it. I actually talked to my neighbor who make the wooden decorations for about an hour last week about it. She starts with just a simple piece of wood as well. It's really a talent I would like to invest in learning one of these years. I did not win it- but I am determined to get one from my uncle soon! Whatever it takes! :)

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  1. That is such an AWESOME idea. Even better since there were so many crafts...makes it more fun. Love those pillows!!