Friday, December 26, 2008


Over Thanksgiving break, I came up with the idea to have the girls make ornaments for everyone in their classes. We mainly just used items we already had. I had some red felt and cut out stars. Then cut a slit in one point, cut pipe cleaners in half, stuck one half through the hole and twisted it into a circle. Then I let the girls decorate with glitter glue and some gems. We made about 48 total! I thought they turned out really cute! 

Here is one of them on our tree.
On my morning walk on the 23rd, I found this huge pinecone and grabbed it. Wrapped some ribbon around it for hanging, sprayed some spray adhesive all over it and dumped glitter on it. Then hung it on the tree!
Then, my sister, Holly, told me about tutorial she found for making ornaments and sent it my way. So we made some of them. It's SUPER easy. And was definitely fun! We made 4 the first night, and then the next day we made 7 more. Thanks so much Holly!!! I think we will be making these every year as a family tradition now! 

Here are the first 4 about to be hung on the tree.

Here are the last 7 still drying, without the ribbons tied through them for hanging. I actually sprinkled glitter on the stockings on this batch. 


  1. ok, LOVE all the ornaments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the girls' ornaments are just precious. and how creative with the pine cone.

  2. Those are all pretty awesome. I love the girls ornament!! One of my favorite holiday memories as a kid was making ornaments with my mother...I'm sure the girls loved doing that with you!!