Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family Christmas

Sew.... I really was wanting to make my little family some matching pants this year for Christmas. It's a little hard finding flannel fabric that can be cool for the boys and the girls- but a couple of months ago I ran across the perfect fabric at Joanns! You'll recognize it, as it is the same fabric I used on the guitar pillows! 

This is the first adult clothes I've sewn and I did not have a pattern. I simply used a pair of pants I already wear, and the same for my hubby! And I was very careful to make sure I allotted myself extra fabric for the seams and hems... All except for the waistband! Sew, I ended up having to cut and sew an extra strip of fabric onto the top of both of ours. But- it worked. You can't see it because our shirts cover it up good too. And next time- you know I'll make sure I don't forget the waistband either! 

Speaking of next time- I really can't wait to sew some more! They are SEW comfortable! I love them, my hubby loves them, and our kids love them! Now I just have to find some more fabric! Not that we all have to have the same exact ones now- but I need to go flannel shopping!!! And not just flannel! Some cotton ones for the hubby and myself would be great too! 

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. omgosh! sewwww cute. i wish the picture would get bigger though

  2. I want some!! Those look like they came out really well.