Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Catch-Up

Sew... I have several things I made for Christmas that I have been waiting to post until they were given! The first one- I completely forgot to take a picture of! UGH! I made my mother-in-law some hunk pillows! The cowboy hunk fabric with white bias tape around them. I will get pictures of them to put on here eventually!!!

For my mother, I was told she had specifically asked for an Elvis pillow case. Well, I had bought some Elvis fabric, so I decided I would fullfill her request. Naturally, I waited until the last minute to make it, and discovered I did not have enough of the fabric! So, I made her two throw pillows instead. I really like them! And I am pretty sure she does! 
I made my girls some pink shiny pants out of a lycra type fabric. My machine decided to stop functioning properly in the middle of Lexi's pair, but the next day when I tried again, worked fine? Odd. Won't complain though! I was able to finish them- and the girls really like them (especially with their sparkly HSM shirts to wear with them).
I made my sweet neice, Indyanna a pair of flannel pants with a matching headband for her doll! (Need a pic of her in these holding her doll to put on here!) Lexi picked out the fabric. And no, the doll headband wasn't intentional. The last headband I made was too big, so I tried to do better on this one and it came out too small! I realize now that I really measured it wrong, AND then took off even more thinking I had measured it correctly!
And lastly... I believe... I have really been putting off this post because someone still hasn't received theirs- but I just can't wait anymore! And he has an extra suprise when I see him anyways! So here are some pants that I made for TJ, Boston, and Lyndon! I also made a 4th pair but they will be going in the sale stash. And I believe I am making another pair in size 5 for one of my sister's friend's sons. She asked and I just happen to have enough fabric left for a size 5.
Well... That's it! At least... That's all I can think of! I cut out some fabric to make my Lexi and Demi each a dress, but I haven't gotten around to sewing them yet! I am itching to get some sewing in though!


  1. it's all so awesome. i want some cute throw pillows for my bed. i'll make you a pillow case if you make me a throw pillow. LOL

    the girls pants are so cute.

    bossy loves his choo choo britches.

    and yes i need to put in an order for a size 5.

    OMG. my word verification below is "sperm" i'm not even lying.

  2. Your were a buzy bee for the holiday's girl! Love the gifts, especially the Elvis pillows. I have some of that fabric and am making pot holder's...special request from some McCord cousins. I layed out the fabric but haven't started cutting out yet. What cute pink pants for the girls!!!!