Sunday, March 8, 2009

Been A While...

Sew... My creative juices have still been flowing, but I just haven't gotten myself to get up and do much with them lately! With all my working out (57 pounds down so far), I'm always so worn out in the evenings, which is the only time I really get to do anything crafty! I have been fixing the girls hair very cute everyday thanks to discovering Sew that's really fun! And the girls are loving it! I've actually started twisting my own hair into buns and different ponytails instead of just pulling it back in the same old ponytail every morning before taking the girls to school and going for my 3 mile morning walk!

I have just been itching and itching to sew and I finally decided that I was going to stay up and sew no matter how exhausted I was. Sew I started 2 dresses for the girls  (1 for each of them) 2 weeks ago. It's the first pattern I've ever done with sleeves! And the first I've ever done with interfacing! I must thank my big sis and my Aunt Jawana for hooking me up with the interfacing for this project! (And I did get some for my own supply now!)  I got started and did all but the top/sleeves on one of them, and then ended up not touching them again for a week! I only had the interfacing for 1, and used that as an excuse when I was feeling too tired already to go sew! Once my Aunt Jawana gave me some more interfacing last Sunday, I decided to get to it again. I finally decided this past Thursday night to stay up late and work on them. I ended up staying up until 1am working on them! All they lack are the buttons and buttonholes, and I plan to tackle those tonight, or Wednesday or Thursday night this week. I am very scared of the bottonholes as my machine isn't so good at them, nor am I very experienced in it- but I really want to get that experience by doing it myself with my machine- because I know I won't be getting a new machine any YEAR soon either! 

And now that I've told you they are almost done... You still have to wait to see them! I'm not showing them until they are completely done! They are REALLY cute though! Although my darling Lexi thinks they are ugly! UGH! I had to swallow my pride because her tastes are her own, but I did explain to her that she will still have to wear it to church on occasion! The girls really don't have anything to wear to church so that's all I'm trying to do now is make them some! I am also going to start on some shorts and tanks for them and their brother to wear this summer very soon!

Sew what I do have to show you is.... Hair Bows! I ran across a site with free instructions on how to make so many bows! Very cool! Sew... Here's what I've made so far! Sorry, the pictures are not the best quality!


  1. ok, i WANT lots of hair bows. they are so cute!!!!

  2. More good reasons to have a girl! Those hair dos are so cute!!
    I love the bows, they came out beautiful!!

  3. You tease!! Cute hairbows though.

  4. Your hairbows look professional. : ) I like the ribbon combinations you put together.