Saturday, March 14, 2009

Towels & Dresses

Sew my mother-in-law specifically asked me to make her some hand towels for her birthday. Nothing special, just she figured it would be quick and easy and cheaper than buying some. I wasn't really sure what to do other than buy some terry cloth and maybe sew bias tape around it. So I bought some lilac terry cloth as I know her favorite color is purple and that's the only shade of it I could find. I figured with a dark purple bias tape around it, it would look good, and be usable and cheap and easy....

Well, as most of you reading this should know, my big sister got an embroidery machine recently and she really wanted to try embroidering something so we together came up with the idea of having her put "Z" on the towels. My mil goes by Z to all her friends- her first name is Zaria. My only concern is that I know my mil wants to USE these towels, she's not looking for anything special at all. But We figured this was simple enough, and that her knowing my sister did the embroidering and I didn't pay someone for it- she would use them. I sent the fabric to my sis, and she did her magic with her machine and sent them back. The embroidering is AWESOME! Last night, I put the bias tape on. As soon as I finished the first one, I called my sis and immediately said I didn't think my mil would use these towels! They just look so rich. The deep dark plum with that lilac and the embroidering on there. They look so amazing! But again, I will remind her this was cheap- and if she wants more to keep and not use, we will make her more! I do wish I had gotten more fabric now. I just really wasn't sure as I had never done anything like this. We made 2 hand towels, and 2 large rags. And here they are!

Let me just preface the rest of this with a note... I really don't know why- but for as long as I can remember, the later I stay up at night, the more I get done the following day. Thursday evening we had company over that we hadn't seen in a year, and may be another year before we see again. It was my hubby's best friend and he moved to TN a few years ago and we really miss him! He came over and we had researched and bought a game for the Wii- because that's what we would always do- play video games. We found a really fun game for any type of small get together called WarioWare. Anyways- I didn't get into bed until 4am Friday morning! And had to get up and get the kids to school at 6. I did take an hour and 45 minute nap while TJ was napping that morning as well. But then, on only 3 hours and 45 minutes sleep, I went crazy. I did the bias tape on all the towels. And I tackled the buttonholes on those dresses I teased about. AND ended up staying up until midnight hand sewing buttons on the dresses! I don't know what gets into me, but any time I stay up later than midnight, I go crazy like that the next day! If my house hadn't been spotless because of the company, I would have spent the whole day attacking the house. It's always the house or sewing that gets me the next day! 

Oh, and another note- I actually sewed all the buttonholes while TJ was awake! It's the first time I've really attempted to sew with him awake. He was just playing in his on little world at the time and would come over and give me a hug every few minutes. And he did bring me his cup when it was empty!

Sew... I had mentioned that my machine didn't really do buttonholes well. I have only done them once before, and I remembered my machine was giving me issues, but couldn't remember exactly what it was. Well, in the process of 12 buttonholes yesterday- it's known. My machine for some odd reason when set to the first step of the buttonholes, starts sewing a different setting. I have to go back and forth between the 2 settings on either side a few times and then it will finally set right. My buttonholes are not perfect- but they are good enough that I am proud of them though! 

And... Once Lexi saw herself in the dress, she told me she loved it! WOOHOOO!!! So here are several pics (and I do mean several- they were just being too cute!) of my two princesses in their new dresses! 


  1. love them! you did such a great job on everything. the girls are adorable in their new dresses. and i love your fabric choices. the towels do look rich. i hope she loves them

  2. Man girl you do get busy. Towels look fantastic, anxious to hear what MIL says about them. Girls dresses are precious, super cute fabric too. Can't believe how much Lexi's changing, beautiful girls!!

  3. If I ever have a girl you are so making ALL her clothes. I'm glad Lexi changed her mind! Those dresses are so cute.
    Love the towels too...I thought they looked good before..but they look really great now!

  4. Way to go girl! I bet she loves the towels and you can talk her into using them too. The dresses are just too cute for words. They kind of remind me of an asian flare dress with the trim around the neck and sleeves and the print. I love them. :)