Saturday, March 28, 2009

Summer Projects

Sew, I have started a new project. My children are growing like weeds, and well, it they need some clothes to just plain be kids and get dirty in this summer! And I can't justify buying them clothes they are just going to destroy. I stayed up really late a couple of Sunday's ago cutting out clothes to make them for the summer. My goal is to sew some shorts a few times a week while also working on Easter dresses for the girls. Well, that was my goal. Now I've only got 2 weeks left until Easter and I haven't even printed out the pattern for the Easter dresses yet! 

I did get 23 things cut out to sew. 2 tank tops (I want to see how they turn out before I cut out a ton of them from the pattern) and 21 pairs of shorts. I need to find a good pattern for TJ a shirt as well. I don't really like tanks on boys so I want an easy t-shirt pattern for him. 

Here is a pic of everything cut out. The post-its are so I can keep track them separated by size.
And here is TJ modelling the 1 pair I've already made. I actually am doing a pair for each of the girls out of this same fabric. I'm going for just below the knees. These are a bit longer than I meant, but summer is still several months away- Plus, I think they're very cute at this length also! 


  1. It's really amazing how quick those kiddos grow. I put a pair of pants on Lyndon Friday and now they make a nice pair of shorts...and I didn't have to do a thing! Good luck with all your projects!

  2. can't believe all the work you are doing to get the kids outfits for the summer. you really are super mom! proud to have you for a sister. you're an awesome crafty crafter! love the pics on ycmt!