Sunday, May 17, 2009

Broken Machine

Sew... On April 9th (I remember this because it was the night before the AWESOME Blue October cocert) I sat down to make on outfit for the girls out of the pile I had of already cut out stuff needing to be sewn for summer outfits. I managed to get the tops finished before my machine quit. Well, it didn't quit running, but the tension just suddenly was out of whack. And no matter what setting I put it on, same thing. I am going to get it looked at when I can afford to, but my hopes are not up. The same thing happened to my cousin Meagan last year, and she wasn't able to get it fixed. I'm not sure that she tried more than getting a tune-up on it, but still. My hopes are just not up at all. I mean, I don't even have money to have it looked at. And money for a new one, well, that's just not happening!

Sew... my wonderful big sister got herself a Bernina recently, it's an embroidery machine, but also a sewing machine. She has let me borrow her sewing machince, since she can sew on her Bernina. I really, really, REALLY could never thank her enough. I really think I would lose my mind if I had to go without sewing for as long as I know it will take me to get my machine fixed, or get a new one!

I have been very busy cleaning my garage and getting things together for a consignment sale, among other things. But it's finally out of the way and I sat down to sew again yesterday. I finished the girls outfits first. Lexi is my biggest critic. She said she's glad she has to wear a uniform to school so she wouldn't have to wear this outfit! She did say to her sister later that she never said she doesn't like it (but she also never said she did). She just kept saying she thought it was weird, and silly. I guess I'm going to have to start consulting her before I make her clothes from now on! On a side note- she wrote me this little fill in the blank poem thing at school for Mother's Day, and the 3rd thing she put was that she loves me because I can sew! :)  Anyways... Demi loves the outfits. 

Also, the tops are a bit big. Especially Lexi's. I used a pattern, but I took these shirts in A LOT. And they are still too big. I will probably take them in more later. The pattern was really easy, and I will definitely make them several more of these for the summer. Will just have to work on the sizing. And sorry for the pictures. TJ kept grabbing at the camera and these pics are the best ones I ended up with! 

Then I made these shorts for TJ. Still a little longer than I meant to make them. But this length does look cute on him! Now I just have to find a shirt to match! 

I also ran across a much needed craft on Our mousepad is so faded and the picture part has been falling off. This past week, it seems every time I get on the computer the mouse is sticking, and it's because of the mousepad. Sew... Here's a picture of our mousepad before...
And here it is now!!! I have no fray check, so it's already got some strings. If I don't get some soon enough, I'll just recover it again when I do! 


  1. whoa! you wrote a book! loved it. the outfits are cute too. i have to consult nanny. she doesn't wear half the things i make her. seriously. i like the outfits though! and tj's shorts are perfect! i don't think they're too long. they're little manpris. i have fray check. i've used it once in 3 years. i'll send it with ryan. i'm also gonna send the sewing machine owner's manual.

  2. Super cute clothes for the kiddos! Looks like TJ got a haircut since I saw him last. He is growing fast!!!

  3. I think the girls outfits are cute! It might be fun for them to help pick out what you are going to make them next. Even if it's just the fabric.
    I saw that mouse pad project and wanted to try it...yours came out really well!

  4. Love your blog story. I had to laugh because the girls remind me of Kim and I when we were little.