Monday, May 25, 2009


Sew... I really wanted to show off my girls and their daddy in their softball pics! And I realized- I made the whole teams headbands! And I have to say, I think they really add some flash to the uniforms! I was told by my hubby that the photographers went crazy over them when they saw them! And several other teams have asked where we got them. Maybe I'll get some orders for next season! 

Sew... Here is the team....
And here is Coach Daddy and his darling daughters!
And just to bragg... Our Lexi has hit at least 1 homerun in every game so far, minus 1. In that one, she hit one to the moon! Both teams and all the coaches just stood there staring up! It was hilarious! We had to tell Lexi to run and the other teams coaches kept saying, we've never seen one of those before!  So far, only one other girl on the team has hit a homerun. And our Demi is getting stronger every day! She started off hitting and the ball wouldn't make it very far, now she drives them just past 1st base most of the time. She is, by far, the smallest on the team. And also the youngest by far! She gets the crowd saying "aaaww" when she walks up to bat, and then WOW when they see she can hit! We pitch to the team, and only bring out the tee once or twice a game- only when there's no hit after 6 or so pitches per girl. It is so much fun! I'm dreading the end of the season already!

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  1. What a cute little team. And what an awesome team mom you are making headbands for everyone! I'm glad the girls like playing so much!!