Sunday, June 7, 2009


Sew... Yesterday a few parents and my older sister and myself threw a party for our little sister and 3 of her friends. They all 4 got into a Tag High School. So the idea was to have a nerd party for them. There was plenty of the nerds candy. And airheads! Ha- What a mix! :P

That sign was in the backyard. In the front they had a huge sign that said "Nerdville, USA".

The party was great! One of the mom's sent out an email invitation with the dorkiest pics she could find of the girls! Great pics! And she had a couple of funny sayings on the invitation. One was "We're dorkier than a box of nerds", I ended up making them shirts that said this on the front. The back had their name. And on the sleeves, a pic of a box of nerds- which made the shirts extra dorky, because I forgot to mirror that image! :P

Here are some pics of the nerds and their shirts!!! In the background of the 1st pic, you see a bag my sister made. She embroidered them each a canvas bag with their name on one side, and Tag Nerd on the other! They are cute! I'm sure they'll be on her blog soon!


  1. kaylee is a total dorky NERD! you did a great job on the shrits. they turned out great.

  2. Okay that is totally awesome. So many great ideas. I bet the girls loved it!!

  3. You guys came up with the greatest party and I bet the girls absolutely loved it. Great work from everyone!