Friday, June 12, 2009

Several Completed Projects

Sew, I've been sewing on the shorts for my kids to wear this summer. I've been working one kid at a time, and started with TJ. so the girls don't have any other shorts from me yet! Shame on me! I actually meant to have all the shorts sewn before they even got out of school, but that surely didn't happen. I'll get them done soon though!

TJ hasn't worn all of his yet, but here's a pic of them laid out. I have 2 more left to finish for him out of the pile I cut a while back.
Next, I made the girls some shirts with an iron-on transfer. They say "God Is Love". The girls were in total goofy mode when I tried to take pics of them and I just couldn't get them to be still for a second. This is the best pic I could get of them!
And last for today's post... My little boy has become a big handful and we had to redo his room for his own safety. I didn't want to put him in a toddler bed yet, it seems so grown up! :( But, again, it got to be a safety issue. Sew... I decided with this transition into a "big boy" room, I would not go and buy some typical cars or super hero bed set. I would make it. I'm sure you all know, but before having the kiddos, our living room was done as a wall for each sport. We have TONS of stuff- plaques, figures, pennents, just to name a few. This stuff has been in boxes for a few years now...
Sew, as I moved the toddler bed into his room, I decided he needed some big boy decor. I've only placed 3 things on his walls so far, a Troy Aikman framed collage, a Dallas Stars Hockey stick, and a Dirk Nowitzki plaque. We'll be putting more of it up soon. Sew... I made the first sheet for him last night. It was SEW easy and SEW fast! I intend to do one for each of our teams, eventually. The fabric can be pretty expensive, so it'll be spread out. And I'll definitely keep using my coupons when I do buy the fabric!
Sew... Here it is! I totally love it!


  1. shorts are cool. girls shirts are awesome. how did you make the sheets????? got to make some!!!!!!

  2. I'm very impressed with sheets...but mostly I'm impressed by your amazing ability to substitute all your so's for sew's...
    The sheets are awesome though!! I'm glad you are getting to use some of that sports stuff!!