Friday, July 17, 2009

The Super Long Post!

I really must start posting more often! I have so much to post today. And it seems all my most recent posts have been that way! Well, here it goes!

First- Still working on all those shorts for the summer I had cut out a while back. I did all of TJ's first. Here are the last 2 pair. I think I managed to get a pic on here of each pair, but I may have missed a couple. I made so many. Now I'm thinking he won't even wear them all!

I finished the girls some Hannah Montana shorts.

Then we went on vacation! We had a wonderful time! We stopped and visited some friends in Houston and had a great time! They have 2 kids so there was house full and we all had fun! Then we went to Galveston. This is the first time our kids have actually seen the ocean! Actually, in 13 years, it was still the first time Rob and I had ever seen it together as well! We had a great time! TJ LOVED playing in the sand and then running in and sitting down where the waves would just push the water far enough to touch him. He did love going deeper in with us as well. Demi was big on finding seashells, and Lexi just couldn't get enough of going far out with her daddy or me and riding the waves back in! We stayed until it was dark and then went to the hotel pool for several more hours. I really don't know how the kids lasted as long a they did! Especially TJ!

Before we left, I made us take some family pics on the beach. Here is my favorite one of all of us! It's beautiful in color as well, but I really love the black and white!
We also went to Great Wolf Lodge while on vacation. That place was AWESOME! There was plenty for each of us to do. The only complaint would be having to take turns with the kids! Lexi has turned into our little thrill seeking adrenaline junky! Rob and I would take turns going down all the biggest slides with her, while the other stayed with TJ and Demi. Demi loved the slides on the Fort and probably went down them at least 300 times! SERIOUSLY. TJ found some smaller slides that he abused just as much! He would get SO upset when we would want to go to another area and he had to stop with the slides. Rob and I did manage to get 1 ride in together while we were there. We had the girls sit down at a table with TJ in his stroller napping. It took us about 25 minutes to get through the line and down the slide- and the whole time we were both doing our best NOT to panic about the kids! This is not something we have ever really done before! But we left them with very strict rules, and they were angels! They weren't happy about it, it was SO BORING waiting for us! But they were great. Our favorite was a tie between the Tornado, and the Bowl. I don't remember the exact name of the bowl- but part of the slide was literally a huge bowl. The Tornado was so fast, it was violent! Even more so with two adults on the ride- Rob and I found out! It was GREAT! And the bowl kept shooting Lexi and I out backwards and then flipping us at the very end. We are wanting to go to NRH20 or Hurricane Harbor once before school starts back up now! No pics of Great Wolf... I didn't want to risk the camera getting wet!

Sew.. to wrap up vacation- LEXI TURNED 7!!! My baby girl is getting so big. I made her these shorts that she has practically worn out already! They look very plain in the pic, but they are actually a really neat texture of fabric, and very glittery.
For the fireworks show all three kids somehow managed to fit into their 4th of July outfits from last year!

And I discovered that a shirt I made and wore on the 4th last year- is now a great summer dress on me! At least a 70 pound difference in these pics! I still have at least 50 more to go though!

Then I finished these shorts for the girls from that huge pile. They chose to wear them for Lexi's Birthday Party also. Lexi just put a sour patch kid in her mouth!
I have to share this pic from the party. I just love the way it turned out. Even the little "crown" on Lexi's head is pretty cool in it.
Here is the cake I made. This is what Lexi wanted out of many she chose from, including a couple that were castles... She really just wanted to eat some gummy worms and sour patch kids!
And now..... Onto the Bowdabra! This thing is AWESOME. I am no where near as good as my sis with it yet, but we love it. First we made these for when the girls play pretend- which they do ALL THE TIME. Their latest is setting up our old 1970's video camera and recording themselves doing icarly! It's hilarous.
Then they designed these for the twins- their friends Sarah and Samantha from school. Their birthday party is tomorrow. Excuse Demi's black-eye in these pics... The girls weren't paying attention and Lexi went to shut Demi's car seat while Demi was bent over- I really don't know how her eye doesn't look worse. It was BAD.
Then, we made this one for Demi. Lexi already had one that her auntie Holly and cousin Indyanna made for her for her birthday. Demi has really become our little clown. Of all the pics we took on the beach, we discovered she was making faces at the camera in 99% of them!
Man... I'm beginning to think I should name this the never-ending post! But- this is the last thing I can think of that needs to be posted right now! I should be caught up after this. Here, is what the girls made their daddy for Father's Day! Lexi's is the rainbow stripe one, and Demi's is the one with her and her daddy on it!
I promise I will try and post more often now!


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwww! loved it all. where did you get lexi's God is love tshirt? demi is such a cute little clown. and that tj. oh man. i can't wait to see him on sunday. he needs some sugars from auntie holly--forget uncle ryan!

  2. That was a great post AND Alisha, you look FANTASTIC! 70 lbs, that is amazing, I know you will reach your goal...and of course, bows are cute, kids are cute, and so on and so on. :-)

  3. Thanks for posting! I know you are incredibly busy but I just love seeing what you are up to with the family and of course all of your crafty projects. Second Jennie on the Way To Go! You look great and I know that it is a lot of hard work but it is definitely paying off. Keep it up and you will get where you want to be.

  4. Wow that was a super long post. I love everything!! I can't say this enough: You look AWESOME and I am so so SEW proud of you!!