Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another pain, turned good.

Sew... I decided after conquering that one pattern, I would face another one that I've been avoiding. I decided to do a peasant top. My big sis has done some and she's told me how easy they are, but I justhave an issue with letting myself get intimidated by the appearance of the final product.

Well, my wonderful Aunt Paula Danielle sent me some absolutely gorgeous fabric from over seas last year that I just haven't figure out what to use on. I decided to use it on this, and then make a matching skirt. Sew I got started. I realized right away that something seemed a bit off with the pattern, but I kept at it anyways.... Big mistake. I ended up wasting many hours and a load of that fabric. I didn't even have enough fabric left to try again! UGH! :(

After some research, sure enough, the pattern didn't print correctly. I had to print 2 pages in landscape and the rest in portrait! How annoying! And Holly swears she didn't have to, which just makes it more annoying! I know she would have warned me if she had anyways!

I finally decided on some different fabric because at this point, I'm bound and determined to make these tops! I had a hard time figuring out what fabric to use because I was sew set on making something out of the the other fabric. But I finally was able to figure out what I could make with that fabric (finished outfits coming soon) which allowed me to finally move on and let some other fabric tell me it wanted to be a peasant top!

These tops were SEW easy! I didn't have enouch fabric to make a skirt or anything to match though! I will figure out something for it. Might just end up doing something with the little scraps I have left and some jeans. Haven't figured it out yet!


  1. I think those tops came out really cute! Too bad about the pattern not being quite right the first time. Can't wait to see what you will make next!

  2. dooooooode. you're on a roll and you're doing so good. way to sew! the tops are amazing! love the print and you did so good!

  3. Those are awesome!! That's great that you kept going!!