Friday, September 4, 2009

Remodeling My Sewing Room!

Sew... Our girls have really been asking for a computer all year it seems. Just one computer in the house is obviously not enough for this family! We're always fighting with each other for computer time! We decided that for Christmas this year, we would get them their own computer- but not in their room. The only other place to put it, is in my sewing room. Sew, we've remodeled. We sold our denim sleeper sofa which had hardly ever even been sat on, and then got to work. We're still on the hunt for a great deal on a desk for their computer, sew the spot for it is empty right now. And the kicker of it all is, we may be moving now! Long story short, it would be best if Rob's mom lived with us now- so we're looking into getting a larger house with room for all of us. And quick. The holidays do a number on her health every year. Please pray for us on this!

Until then, I am very happy with my sewing room now. Even happier than I was. I still have a mess of fabric to get all nice and neat, but I love it.

Before pics. You can see a current project on the sewing desk if you look hard enough! :P It got sent to Holly's today for button holes as the machine I'm using of hers won't work for button holes anymore!

And After!- With the addition of the beautiful dresser/bookshelf from Rob's mom. This is our little "reading corner" now. Although it's not really a corner!

Here's the wonderful spool holder cabinet my uncle made me! This thing is really gorgeous! I am sew happy to have it finally hanging up! And I really am just SEW happy to have one of my own!

And here is a onesie and a shirt I did the other night with iron-on transfers.


  1. good job! looks like a whole 'nother room! miso cool....

  2. I LOVE the Miso Cool shirt. How freaking cute.
    Don't get your hopes up to much, but we may have a desk you can have in Little Elm. I'll have to check the condition, but I'll try to remember to take pictures for you. If you want to pay me I take payments of awesome boy pants and a miso cool shirt. ;o)
    The room turned out great! I love reading nook :o)

  3. Oh, and one of those spool holders too!! LOL, this desk is getting expensive!!

  4. That is a really neat idea for sharing a great area. I bet the girls are going to love it. Have to say my favorite shirt was the "kiss my booty"!
    Hope all goes well as you begin to look for a new home for your bigger family.