Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More shirts

I have been buying the iron-on things off and on lately. And I had one left that my cousin Cassie gave me too. I finally got them out and did them the other night.

I realized after the fact, that 2 of the words on this one were black... I'm surprised- but you can still see what it says even though it's on a black shirt!
This one I made to go with a particular fabric I have. I'll be making some pants to go with it soon!


  1. Very very cute. I love the puppies and the "baby thing" shirts. Can't wait to see the pants that go with the puppies!

  2. they are all so cute. i have some iron ons. i must use them now!

  3. That made some really cute shirts. Of course, my favorite one is the BABY thing. Too funny!