Friday, October 9, 2009

Dressing-Up Boys

Sew... Let me just start by saying that I am SO proud of this one!

TJ has gotten to the point that he wants to play with clothes and dress-up, like he sees his sisters do. Sew I've been on the hunt for boy dress-up stuff. The first thing I thought of was a cape, and I found a free pattern online. I found it a month or two ago but apparently I'm learning that I have an issue with being intimidated by seeing finished products. But at least I'm still getting to them eventually.

I also was waiting for the right fabric to talk to me for this project. Yesterday afternoon, it just completely popped in my head from out of no where!

Also- I've decided I like to appliqué. Still not perfect on this one, but MUCH better. And the cheapo Walmart thread didn't break a single time!!! I think it definitely must have been the combination of the knit, cheapo walmart thread, and needle I was using last time.

Sew... Here it is!!! I will be taking pics of it and the TJ outfit on him after his birthday and post them. I will say- this cape is definitely long for him, but it'll last years at least! The size of the pattern said fits 2T- 6, or maybe 8... And it shouldn't be tripping him since it's going to be on his back!

This picture shows the sides folded over so you can see the inside lining of the cape.


  1. WOW! That looks really good! I eventually want to make one for Lyndon. Levi has one that was made for his Dad a million years ago and it's awesome. Plus in capes you can be a super hero or a magician! Can't wait to see TJ in it!