Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Birthday!

Sew... my baby boy has turned 2, and on his birthday, his future bff turned 1! I had my sister make this shirt for him- It says "L is for Lyndon". And I made the matching pants. And then I decided that he needed something else too. I couldn't figure out what for a few days, and then, on the day of the party, it popped in my head. A little play pillow that would match! Sew I made one for him, and one for TJ. They crinkle when you squeeze them. I learned somewhere online that you put the wrapper from wipes inside things like this and it makes them have that crinkle sound. It works! I didn't get a very good pic, unfortunately.. Was in a hurry!
Hopefully I can get a pic of Lyndon in it to add on here soon. And here's a pic of TJ with his pillow.
I still have a few things left that I've made and can't post yet. And I have 2 dresses that I need to add buttons on that I will post soon. ALSO, I'm working on Halloween costumes for the kiddos. All that lacks on Lexi's is the sparkles and wings. Demi's is ALMOST to that point. And I finally just figured out how I'm going to do TJ's late last night. Sew hopefully I'll have them all done in a few days!


  1. Thanks so much for Lyndon's outfit!! I'll get you a picture soon! He loves the pillow too...that was such a good idea adding the wipes bag. I wish I had thought of that with his rocket!!

  2. man! i forgot to take a picture of the shirt too. but i can't wait to see the outfit on lyndon. you did great on that present!