Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Costumes & Another Birthday Present!

Sew... I've been working hard on my 3 kiddos Halloween Costumes. Lexi is Rosetta, and Demi is Silvermist- both are fairy friends of Tinkerbell in the movies. I finally completely finished their costumes Saturday morning. I do have to say, I took a totally different attitude that normal with these. I just decided they are Halloween costumes, and I am not out to make them perfect or stress over them or anything. I completely winged everything but the shoes. I did have a pattern (THANK YOU HOLLY) for the shoes. I am proud of them though. Turned out even better than I had pictured in my head. I just looked at pics of the fairies from the movies and pics of the women working at Disneyland dressed up as them and then went for it.

TJ is going to be Myrtle, his bff! Okay, sew to anyone who doesn't know us, he's just being a turtle. But I'm totally making his costume to look just like Myrtle, his stuffed turtle that he absolutely loves! I made the shell, but am not having so much luck with the pants and shirt. I was really hoping to just find a green shirt and pants, but am not having sucess on that. Looks like I'll be making them. Pics to come when I finish the full outfit!

Sew... Here's a couple of pics of Lexi as Rosetta. I made the shirt and skirt- which are supposed to look like rose petals, wings, shoes, and the little fairy dust pouch on her wrist. She just hasn't been in the mood for pics for me the last several times I've taken pics of her! :( Not to mention the fact that she accidentally touched the iron reaching out for some makeup I told her not to touch... She got a very small burn on her wrist. Left a little red mark on her. Poor baby. This was about 15 minutes later, but it didn't stop bothering her until we got to the party and she was having too much fun to notice it anymore.

And here are pics of Demi as Rosetta. I made her dress- which is supposed to be like water, wings, shoes and fairy dust pouch as well. Not sure why her dress looks sew uneven in this pic, it's really not. Weird.

Also, a friend on the girls' softball team turned 7 on Sunday. She had a really fun costume birthday party. I made her a name pillow. Not my best work, but I thought it was still pretty cute. I needed a thicker background fabric. It pulled on the thin fabric... I also needed sleep. It was my 3rd night in a row staying up way to late sewing... I literally nodded off more than once while sewing this pillow! SEW BAD! Anyways... I thought it was still pretty cute, and I was out of time to do anything else. The girls loved it, so hopefully she will too. Her party was packed with sew many activities- she didn't even get to open her presents! All the kids there, including the birthday girl had a great time! Definitely gave me some ideas for future parties!

Here is the pillow!


  1. Those are so cute!! I LOVE the wings.
    Can't wait to see TJ's costume! Make sure you get one with him and his BFF!

  2. Love the costumes! Glad to hear that you had some fun and didn't stress them being just perfect. Sewing should be enjoyed, right?! Like the pillow too. So, it pulls a little sew what? It turned out really cute and I bet she loved it.

  3. awesome fairy costumes! I can't believe you didn't use a pattern on the petal skirt...I'm too chicken to try any clothing articles with out a pattern! Can't wait to see TJ's pics! About your pillow its cute and just to add....My lady friends always tell me a little mistake ensures to the receiver it was handmade which equals real love. You sure are a busy lady!

  4. Cassie, that's so sweet what your lady friends said! Thanks for that! :)