Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treating with Fairies and a Turtle!

Sew... I never ended up sewing TJ and shirt and pants. Just didn't have enough fabric. Sew he wore green pants and a green shirt that had a forest pic on it with some forest animals on the front. It really turned out cute! And he loved it. He kept calling it his turtle backpack!

He had a BLAST trick or treating! He told EVERYONE "Thank you" at least 10 times. And he would ask us "More Candy?" as we would leave each house. His basket was getting so heavy that he actually started stumbling to one side, but he kept refusing to let me hold it for him. Finally at the end of the night he did let me hold it, but he had to stay right beside it! It was really adorable! The girls had a blast too! They used their Easter baskets, which are pretty big, and they were all completely filled by the end of the night! People kept just giving them huge handfuls of candy!

The girls were ready to be done about 30 minutes before TJ was. Actually, TJ never was ready. He started throwing a fit as we headed home. So we told him we'd do one more and kept reminding him it was the last one and then he did pretty good. I had to remind him twice after we left the last one that we were going home and he could have a piece of candy when we got there!

Sew... Here's TJ as Myrtle the Turtle, hugging Myrtle the Turtle.

And here are pics from Trick or Treating!


  1. Thanks for sharing about your night of trick or treating, sounds like you guys had a really good time! I love TJ's costume, Wayne even said "that is pretty cool". Good job Mom!

  2. How freaking cute! I just love all their costumes! I'm glad they all had fun.
    Just wanted to let you know that my mother was commenting on how good and polite your kids are. Love you!

  3. again, excellent job! you really are a designing superstar.