Friday, November 13, 2009

Leaf Art

We finally got a chance to do some more leaf art tonight! Here are a couple of pics of all the ones the girls and I made tonight.

And here is a close up of the one that says Crandall. The leaves will fall and stick the way they want, so I'm not sure just anyone would realize it says Crandall- but I think it still rocks!
And this one I made for my sweet hubby! Sew happy to have spent my 30th Birthday with him and our 3 amazing kids. Some might think it's weird that I made him a "card" on my birthday- but after everything we've been through- I spent my morning walk talking to God and thanking him for blessing me with 30 great years, and for such great parents, and siblings, and friends, and for bringing Rob and I out of everything stronger and together! There is no place in this world I would rather be- than with my sweet hubby and our family!


  1. That is an amazing statement and we are so happy for you two and the family. It is an eye opening experience when you realize how great your life really is! Congratulations. Oh yeah, and the leaf art is fun too. :)

  2. OK, just got sick over here. gross out with the sweetness.

    leaf art awesome! you are just so cool at coming up with things. love it.


  3. I saw that project that thought it looked like so much fun!! They came out great!
    I don't think that's odd to make a card for someone else on your birthday. It's perfectly normal to thank people for the gifts they have given you!

  4. Tissue please!!!! May you and yours continue to be blessed! Leaf art is great, ahhhhhh the memories you are creating for your family.