Monday, November 9, 2009


Sew... I made these dresses for the girls months ago, but I had to send them to my sister for button holes as the machine I have won't do button holes anymore... When I got them back from her, they were tossed aside for a bit. I finally got the buttons sewn on (Which I now realize I forgot to take a close up pic of! They are cute butterflies!), the girls tried the dresses on, but they were just a little too low cut. Nothing was showing, but it was definitely too low. Sew I got the idea to just create a little ruffle strip to add some length on the chest. I finally sat down last night and did that.

I have to say, I think the girls look like little (hannah) rock stars in these outfits. The dresses, with the leggings. But really- I think the boots are what definitely pulls the rock star vibe together in the outfit. I'm thinking I might needs to make them a black belt to go around their waists. That just might be the icing on the cake for these rock star outfits!

And here are a few pics of TJ modeling his birthday outfit, and his cape!


  1. Very pretty, but you need to take a closer picture!! I love Demi with the hands on the hips...very Diva!!
    Looks like TJ loves his cape!

  2. That is totally Rock Star. So cute. Love TJ in his cape too.

  3. too cute. BLOW the pictures up.

  4. You are a busy mamma!!! I too love the "sass" captured on Miss Demi!! TJ looks ready to conquer the world!