Monday, December 21, 2009

Wild Hair

First let me say, for all you slackers out there- there's another post below this one that you haven't looked at yet! :P

Now- Onto this post!

I seriously got a wild hair yesterday and it just wouldn't leave me be. I need to be working on Christmas presents- only limited time left for them now, but I just couldn't get rid of this hair. So I had to please it instead. I found this project a while back, actually, over a year ago. Yesterday I was scanning through projects I have saved that I would like to do and apparently this one HAD to be done. IMMEDIATELY.

It will be used on my kitchen counter for our keys and wallets. This one section of my kitchen counter ALWAYS seems to be cluttered. I clean it, and literally 24 hours later, it's covered again. And it's never anything of mine. Honestly. It's the one part of the house that drives me the most crazy because I never take part in making it look so bad! Well, when all the Christmas stuff was set out, I found this basket mixed in and put it on the counter. And it's pretty much stayed clutter free since! We've had one minor flare up of clutter, but I consider it a wonderful improvement. So I decided I would have to get a basket to put there permanently. Well, the wild hair hit, and now we have our basket! It's made from the pages of an old Parents magazine.

Here's the inside view.
And outside.


  1. did it take long? am i getting one for christmas????

  2. Um...John says he would like you to come over and give him a tutorial because he's been wanting to do this FOREVER!!
    I think it would make an excellent alternative to the shoe box John currently has to hold his keys and stuff. Very cool!