Sunday, December 27, 2009

Is Christmas Really Over?!?!

As I sit here gathering all my pics to post, I just have to say... MY PARENTS ARE THE BEST!!!! This is my first post to type while staring at our brand new, 23 inch, flat screen, HD monitor. It's HUGE. And my pictures look amazing! Rob and I found ourselves just looking through pics of the kids half the night last night. Thank you for the millionth time mom and dad!!!

Sew... Here we go!!! I made pants for all the kids on Rob's side of the family. There are actually 2 of each of these below. 2 sets of sisters, and one set of brothers. Actually, I made TJ a pair of the scooby ones too!

And I managed to get a photo ornament made this year! YEAH!!! Made one of these for Rob's mom, my parents, holly, and us.
I made these pants for TJ. LOVE THEM!
I made these pants for the girls, and I am seriously going to have to get some fabric and make some for myself. I love these! They are so cute. And they look so comfy!!!
For Indyanna and Boston, I made these art caddys. My sister and I got together and decided to make these for each other's kids. I am SO glad we did. It's going to clean up a big mess in my cabinets!!! I was very intimidated by this project though, and wasn't able to do it until the last possible night I had to sew before Christmas! But, I did it. And I would have done it faster but the pattern instructions were a bit confusing in one part. I really am proud of these. I wish I had done the handles with fabric instead of ribbon though! But I do still like them!

And I made this scarf for my big sister Holly. She picked the colors, actually, she sent me the yarn too. And was very specific on wanting it very skinny. I am pleased to say that she likes it!
And lastly.... Here is the family pic in front of the tree in the pj's I made us this year!!!
I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!!


  1. you did so good on everything! and I LOVE MY SCARF. ALOT. thank you. guess i am kind like that "smilie" precise as a surgeon. :o)

  2. Not even sure where to start on this!! You did SO much better than me! Lyndon would like Scooby pants too.
    Also you have to give me the pattern for the caddies! I was going to wing them for my nephew and Lyndon. Thought they would make wonderful Birthday prensents next year. The ones you made turned out great!

  3. I love that you make gifts for your family. I have wonderful memories of homemade gifts growing up and I'm sure your family will also. Can't believe how much you cranked out in a short amount of time, I'm very impressed!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! Wow, looks like you've been busy making all those cute things, how nice that you make these gifts for your family. I'd love some Scooby pants, what a great gift! Your kids are cuties, too.