Sunday, January 3, 2010


Sew.... My little niece sewed herself a bookmark, and I made my girls check it out on my sister's blog. They were instantly begging to sew. Demi wanted to start with a dress... I decided we needed to start with something more simple like the bookmark. She got some paints for Christmas she's been really wanting to use, so I told them they could sew the bookmarks, and then paint their names and whatever else they wanted on the felt side.

Here they are cutting the fabric. They picked the fabric. Daddy was very proud. :)

And here they are sewing. Demi went first. They ended up standing to do it, I tried using a stool, but it was too tall for them. We need to find a more comfortable arrangement for them for future projects though. They couldn't stop smiling! Neither could I! :)

I did cut off the extra fabric after they sewed, but they did everything else. I should have just let them do that too, but we were worried TJ would wake up and then stop everything down, and they really wanted to paint on them!

Here they are painting away!
And here they are with the finished projects! Lexi was being a total goof!

Now you can really see why Daddy was so proud, huh?! Although his whole face really did light up when he saw them sewing. It was really sweet! I didn't think he'd really care either way, but he really thought it was just so great that his little girls were sewing! :)

I have decided that I want to try and have at least 1 hour each weekend dedicated to sewing time for them. I haven't told them yet, but next, I'm going to let them each make a smaller version of the market bags for themselves. I have some Camp Rock and some High School Musical fabrics for them to use. They loved the market bags when I made them and have asked me several times to make them smaller ones, so I think they will love this! And it should be fairly simple, I think. But Shhhhhh!! They don't know yet!


  1. They look so proud and those turned out really well!
    I think that's a great idea to have a craft hour every week. I'm sure they will love that!

  2. I realized this morning, I completely forgot something! I was going to have them sew a little piece of trim to stick out of the top so they could have the whole bookmark in the book, with just the trim sticking up! I mentioned it to Lexi, and she tells me that she was thinking they need to sew some ruffle trim on the 4 sides of the TX fabric! Her creative mind is thinking up stuff already!

  3. Very cute! Good job Crandall girls.

  4. Love this post!! Go Horns we need a win Thursday!!! Crandall girls sure look happy crafting! Good job Momma

  5. just seeing this! woot woot! think i'll do the same with a one hour sewing session each weekend.