Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentine's Wreath Craft-A-Long

I finished putting all the fabric on my wreath this morning. I tried to finish last night, and ran out of fabric. I managed to find a very similar fabric to finish the last inch or 2 that was lacking fabric. You can tell if you look really close at the upper left side. I am thinking of making a little fabric ribbon and hanging it the same way I did the pine cone wreath so it will hide the part with the different fabric...

BTW... Hubby just REALLY loves this one. He told me today this is one of his favorite things that I've made so far. I do really like it too. I am planning on making another one using my stash of scraps on a round form. Like a REALLY big one maybe. And not cutting them all the same size either. I think it could turn out really cool to hang in my sewing room!


  1. That looks REALLY fantastic!! I love it!! Still haven't made it over to Joann's...I've been so useless this month. Hopefully next month with be better.

  2. The wreath turned out great! I wish I could have found one here to do this project with you guys.