Monday, February 1, 2010


Sew... I was super tired last night, but had a major sewing itch that wouldn't let me crawl in bed. I really have been wanting to sew something in particular, but don't have everything I need for it yet. Sew, I decided it was time to tackle an outfit I had cut out for TJ before Christmas! I had originally planned on doing an appliqué on the shirt, but now that I learned to reverse appliqué, I decided I would do that. I just LOVE reverse appliqué! It's cute, it doesn't require as much work on my part, and there is much more room for error. I whipped out the pants, then grabbed the shirt and realized that before Christmas, I had already completely prepped the shirt for regular appliqué! UGH!!! More work for me! I thought about just ripping the stuff off and hoping it wouldn't rip the shirt, but I decided to go ahead and just finish it. I do like how it turned out. Still not perfect, but I like it!

Here he is with the reversible cape I made him a few months ago on over his new outfit.
I love the cape so I just decided to throw in the pic showing it better too!
Taking the cape off.
Here's just the outfit I made last night.
In other news... The girls haven't sewn for 2 straight weekends now... We are having troubles picking what they will sew next!!! I have one thing stuck in my head that I want to make sew bad (but need more stuff to make it), it is blocking me from thinking of anything else right now! And the girls haven't really come up with anything either. I think I'm just going to have them make themselves some pants, but they aren't so thrilled about that. Need to find some fabric in my collection that will get them excited.


  1. Very cute! Tj is such a wonderful model :o)

  2. What a cutie TJ is! Love him in Longhorn gear, always!

  3. I agree with the other ladies. Cut outfit and cuter model! Would love to learn reverse applique from you when I am there if you have the time.