Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Potty Power!

Not really a big sewing/crafting post... But, I made my son this shirt with an iron on transfer I ran across at Joanns. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get it! The perfect little "trophy" to show off his awesome potty power abilities! I really can't believe my little man potty trained so quickly, so easily, and so YOUNG! I take no credit. All I did was got the nerve to try it a week before his 2nd birthday (thanks for a little inspiration on that Maley and your mom Amber!), kept him in his undies and made him sit on the potty as often as possible for 2 days. After that, it was all him!

Unfortunately, he wasn't in the mood for having his picture taken. And for anyone out there in need of potty training materials, I highly recommend "Potty Power". TJ does not care for TV. Potty power is one of only 3 things he will watch. And we had to give it back to the library after so long... But he still asks for it and we find clips at kidmazing.com for him sometimes. He didn't really like it the first time I put it in, but I turned it on while making him sit on the potty one time After that, he insisted on watching it while going potty. Didn't really care for the potty being in the living room, but it worked. Only took about a month to get it into the bathroom permanently. TOTALLY WORTH IT!

He's been in undies all day, even when we go out, since November. And several times in October, in the beginning of training, we had put a diaper on him, he held it and then went running to the potty when we'd get home! Today, I bought a pack of diapers (sold the cloth diapers when he stopped wearing them all day. Just wasn't worth washing one diaper a day!) with the plan that this will be the last. He has gotten up 7 mornings in a row and run to the potty. I think he's about ready to sleep all night in his undies now... I guess we'll see. He's so young, I really don't know if he's ready yet!

Sew, here's my little man wearing his trophy shirt "potty like a rockstar" (and I made the pants too!). Yes, yes you certainly do little man!


  1. That is so incredibly cute and way to go big man! I know what a huge step that is for TJ. Love the t-shirt and pants. Cute fabric!

  2. Such a big, grown up boy! I can only hope that I have such luck with Munch.
    Very cute shirt and pants :o)You really are the pant queen!