Monday, May 24, 2010

More Listings, A Birthday Present, And Dresses For My Girls

Sew, I've posted 3 more items on the Crandallation Facebook Page, and Etsy.
I also made a dress for my friend, Amanda's daughter, Molly. This is one of my absolute favorites!!! I love the end result. I will be making more of this pattern to list for sure!
And finally... I saw this dress from Lil Boo Blue and really just loved the way the sides hang down. I decided to try my own version. This is what I came up with for the girls. No pattern. I braided strips of fabric for the belts, and bracelets, and I actually had an anklet to match them. Actually, Lexi wore her bracelet as a necklace (it is long, doubled around the wrist for a bracelet) later in the day and it looked great like that too! I think they almost look like little teenagers in these. I didn't notice until last night, that the sides are actually different in the inspiration dress. There are two points on each side. I plan to make some more like my version, and some like the inspiration dress- once I get some serger training. I know these dresses would have looked even better had I serged them!

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  1. Love the dresses you made for Demi and Lexi! They look so fun and comfy!! SO awesome that you did it without a pattern!