Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Girls and Boys

I have made a few dresses and another boys outfit. They are all listed in my etsy shop!

This first dress (I made 2 of these) is going to get a blue stripe added down each side. Somehow I managed NOT to sew it at the measurements I was supposed to. I didn't have a pattern for it, but I had it figured up. It was really too tight. So I sat down with it this evening, grabbed my measurements, then measured it, and it wasn't even close! Glad I didn't sell it to someone to have them get upset over it! I'll post it again when it's got the stripe!
Here's the next dress. I really love this one! And the little model, Maley definitely makes the dress even cuter! :)
And here is TJ modeling a boys outfit.
OH! And I did a giveaway on Memorial Day! We drew a name out of a hat and the winner won this shirt modeled by TJ! Love the way it worked out too! I didn't know the winner, but I saw that she had a 6 year old daughter and was getting prepared to make one like it for her. But then she said she actually wanted it for her son, who is 2! LOVE IT! I will definitely be making each of my kids 4th of July shirts! I loved the way this one turned out! I have some ideas so they probably won't all be the same.

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  1. That second dress really is my adorable!
    And I think that alien outfit is just too cute. Love the robot one I bought though :o) Can't wait to get it on Friday!!
    We didn't really have chiggers growing up...didn't even know what they were till I came to Texas. :o/