Monday, June 14, 2010

Special Request For My Oldest Baby Girl.

Sew... Lexi requested that I make her a 4th of July outfit for her birthday. I wanted to try something I hadn't really done before and I couldn't be more pleased! I will definitely be making many more of these skirts! And the shirt really just seals the deal for me. And I am so pleased to say it did for Lexi also! She is my pickiest client, so anytime she is 100% happy, I am BEAMING with joy! She did have one request that I did not fill on this. She wants her name on the bottom of the shirt too. I told her we would ask Auntie Holly if maybe she could embroider it on there for her. Although once I was done with it, she didn't mention wanting it anymore. She just kept telling me she loves it! And then telling me I would need to make her something else in secret so she would still have a present from us that she wouldn't know about ahead of time!

Here she is modeling her birthday outfit!


  1. Very cute! Did you use an online pattern for the skirt?

  2. so awesome! and no pattern hu? you're a genius. for real

  3. That outfit is adorable! I love the way Lexi is posing in the pics you can tell she is very proud of her new one of a kind outfit!! Great job Mom!