Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another 4th Outfit, and 2 more skirts

Sew... Lexi and Demi decided that Demi needed a 4th outfit too. Here is Demi modelling hers!
And then I made 2 skirts to list on etsy. Here are the girls modelling them!
And I just have to say. I love serging! Thank you to my big sis who loaned me an old serger of hers, at least a year ago. I have had it sitting on top of a book shelf all this time, afraid to try it. I finally got it down on these last 4 skirts and used it! And, I even had to figure out how to rethread the thing (thank you very much TJ)! I'm proud. And I love it. And my next project will rely heavily on serging!


  1. love them! love the serger too!

  2. So cute!! I just love the 4th of July outfit!!