Monday, June 28, 2010

New Serger

Sew... As I am new to the world of serging, and loving it- Naturally, the serger I was using decided to quit on me. I managed to find another one cheap enough and at the perfect time for us to afford it. Thank you craigslist, and Rob's checks falling so perfectly this month! It took me at least 3 hours to get the serger set correctly, and I just got to really use it today. I managed to finish the dress the old serger quit on the end of, and do 2 more today.

These two are made from tshirts I found for $1.99 each and some knit material I have had for several years now. They aren't perfect. I had no pattern and just used a dress from each of the girls current collection of clothes as a guide for cutting the fabric. And I definitely could do better on the neck and arms, but again- I was really just trying to make sure it would look cute and fit. And once I let the girls try them on, they didn't want to take them back off! Which makes me very happy, I must say!
And this last dress has pretty much the same story. I just used a dress as a guide for the sizing and then went for it. I'm thinking I am going to make a collar to match the bias around the arms on this one. It's a little tight coming over the head for my liking. But Lexi was there to prove that it would still fit an 8 year old! I'd probably size it as a 4-6 though. Hoping to do the collar tomorrow and get this one in my etsy shop!

She's got legs!


  1. Love the new dresses! That's great that you can just remake a pattern and make them come out so nicely. Love your fabric matching. Keep on serging!

  2. Those turned out great! I really love the third one. I hate collars that are tight too, but I will say that I think it looks great without anything changed! Can't wait to see what else that serger pops out!