Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lexi's 8th!

Sew... I can't hardly believe it, but my oldest baby girl is officially 8! She has grown so much and is such a blessing to have in my life! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET LEXI!

And for her birthday, she had requested a patriotic outfit. Then we all decided Demi needed one also. Well, then we decided yesterday that TJ really needs one too. At least a shirt, right?! Well, I was working on a dress and my needle broke on my serger, and I have since found out that I do not have the proper tool to replace it. I spent way to much time and energy learning this fact though... But, at the last minute, I managed to get my mind off that situation and back onto the shirt for TJ. And managed to make it in 10 minutes this morning- just in time to throw it on him and get in the car for church! :) And Rob thought I couldn't do it! Shame on him for doubting my skills! :P

TJ's is made from a tracing of his hand. I've decided I MUST make myself a shirt or bag or something with one of each of the kids hands. Actually, I may just do all 5 of our hands together! Something I would always cherish! :)

Here is a picture I snapped of all 3 real quick after church.
And here they are sharing an iCarly moment... :P
OH! And here's a shirt I did for a giveaway for reaching 100 fans on FB!


  1. Happy birthday Lexi! They grow up so fast. I love the shirts and the idea of having one with their hand is just adorable.

  2. Happy Birthday again to Lexi! I hope she had a fantastic one! TJ's shirt is freaking awesome. I never would have thought to do that...and you should totally make a bag with everyone's handprint!

  3. Happy 8th Birthday Lexi! You all look so cute in your outfits.

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