Saturday, August 21, 2010

Been A While...

Well, I've not been so busy sewing, but I have been busy with vacationing, enjoying some time with my kiddos, and getting them ready to head back to school. I have managed to make some items that I need to post though. And a note, my cameras have all quit on me at the moment... So most of these are from my phone, and really are not good pics.

First, my cousin, Andrea contacted me and asked if I would make scrunchies for some cheer leaders. I made 14 of these.
Then I decided I wanted to try something and I had a lot of this yellow 60s-70s fabric. So I made the girls and myself skirts from it. The girls wore them as swimsuit cover-ups when we went to NRH2O Thursday and they were really cute like that. Not sure they have a shirt in their closet that would go with them for everyday wear though!
And finally, I have been working for months on a hat for my bff, Cerise's newest edition to her family. She's 38 weeks now, and I gave it to her at her baby shower last week. The instructions were a bit of a pain, and this hat was taken apart more than once before I figured out what it was the author meant but was making so complicated... Frustrating! But so happy with the outcome! And a big Thank You to Cerise for taking the pics for me!
I have also been working on one other crochet piece for baby Lennox. And unfortunately for me, the pattern is made by the same person and this one, I just haven't been able to figure out yet. I got really frustrated the night before the baby shower and just felt I had to have something else to go with the hat. So I started looking online for ideas and when I woke up the morning of the shower, I knew what to do. So I made these. Super easy, super cute, and I super wish I had thought of it when my kiddos were little!


  1. I love my hat! Sorry it was such a pain to make...that's the worst thing about crochet patterns, sometimes they are so easy to read...others it's almost painful.
    Lennox is going to LOVE the taggy toys...I know I do!!

  2. i love how cerise's comment says that she loves HER hat! the hat IS way cool though! love the taggy toys. and the skirts are cool. i seem to recognize that material....