Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sew Many Things...

Okay, the title is because right now, I have like 20 different things I'm wanting to sew! Each one just as bad as the others! It's driving me crazy. It's time to write them on scraps of paper, drop them in a jar, shake it up and draw one!

But for now... I went to visit my bff, Cerise last week and she was kind (and crazy) enough to show a couple of books she had found to me. Generation T and Generation T Beyond Fashion. I managed to con her into sending them home with me! Okay, really- she's 9 months pregnant and admittedly does not have the energy to make anything from it right now, so we agreed that I could borrow them as long as I make something for Lennox out of one of the patterns. Here's what I made a couple nights ago. The pattern for the booties say 0-3 months, but they look bigger than that to me... I guess time will tell. They were SUPER easy to make. Wouldn't have taken long at all if I had not sewn the fabric on one bootie the wrong way- TWICE. Never underestimate the importance of checking your work before you sew it shut! Even on a super easy project! I am fairly certain when I run across another shirt that I think will be good for this, Lennox will be getting more!

Hope the Wade family likes them!


  1. Love your jar idea!!
    AND I love, love, LOVE the hat and booties!!

  2. i'm thinking the jar idea is brilliant and something i need to implement right now!

    the hat and booties are awesome!