Thursday, April 28, 2011

Photo Class- Day 5, Quiet & Day 6, Loud

Been pretty busy with softball lately and have fallen behind, so I will the next 2 assignments for the photo class today.

Day 5, Quiet
Today we learned about the composition of our pictures. Like not making sure your subject is squarely centered. My picture today is of my sewing/craft room. One wall in particular. I love sewing and crafting and it's mainly reserved for late nights when the kids are all asleep and I can just have some quiet time. There's such scope for imagination in crafting quietly for me. Most of my best ideas come to me after midnight. I am in NO rush for my son to start school, but I can say I do look forward to being able to do more daytime quiet crafting.

So here is my treasured wall. I could literally write for days about each item on this wall. There isn't an item you can see that I do not treasure for one reason or another. I LOVE this wall.
Day 6, Loud
The lesson today was on white balance. I haven't had a chance to mess with this yet, but it's interesting the different things it can do. The theme is Loud, and his one is a bit contradictory for me. On Easter, we went to my mom's for lunch. We being, my mom, dad, lil sis, big sis, and her hubby and 3 kids, and myself and my 3 kids. As well as my Uncle Jimmy. Now, if only I could show you exactly how small the house is we all cram into. And when 2 of those people are 16, and 5 of them are between 8 and 3, and the men are watching tv with it cranked up to hear and the women are yelling over all the noise trying to have a conversation... Well, I have to say at times simply calling it loud is an understatement. But I do love it still! Now, after lunch, we went to The Resort (my parents property they bought that is just GORGEOUS, but will take MUCH work before they can actually live on it) not far from their house. The Resort is amazing. It's so calm and peaceful, and even with us all there yelling and laughing and carrying on, it seems quiet. Quiet enough it seemed to take my migraine away that day. Here's my mom with all her grandkids.
And my dad with them.


  1. That pillow in your first picture is AWESOME. Want it.
    Also LOVE that picture of your mother and the grandkids. Looks like they are all in the middle of playing.

  2. My big sister made that pillow for me! She embroidered in the middle of it "The best thing about having a sister is that I always have a friend." :) I totally love that pillow too!