Friday, April 29, 2011

Photo Class- Day 7, Shadows

Our assignment today was Shadows. No big tips or lessons, just to go out and play with some shadows. And I just have to say, I cannot believe that I've never really taken shadow pics before. One of my favorite pics is a shadow pic that was taken by one of my lil sister's bffs, Brittney. And let me just declare right now (even though I have several times on FB already) Brittney is AMAZING with a camera. I'm telling you, she is a 16 year old with a major eye for photography. I honestly believe it's what God has called her to do in life. Here's her pic. (Hope she doesn't mind my sharing...)
Well, for lack of time and being extremely busy, I have to follow up that greatness with blah. The girls are at school, TJ wasn't so into this project, but I did manage to get this pic. I wish it were just our shadows, but I do still like it quite a bit! I turned it black & white because, as our teacher stated, it can make the shadow show up better. And it did.
I spent a few more minutes playing around after TJ completely tuned out. Here's one more I got. I love the way the texture of our street makes this picture look!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the one your sister's friend took. How fun!
    Honestly though I kinda love your picture holding your camera more. It's like a unique take on a self portrait.