Sunday, May 29, 2011

Photo Class- Day 11, Fast & Day 12. Slow

Behind again, as usual. Nearly 6 months into this year and I'm starting to accept the fact that this is how my year will be. Very little sewing time. Way behind on blogging, ect. Too many more important things going on right now. If I'm not physically worn out, I am emotionally. This has been a harder year for me personally, and for the rest of my family. And the hardest is still to come. Sew for now, here are 2 more days from photo class. I believe there are only 3 left! I also have a super special craft to post that will probably go up tomorrow.

Day 11, Fast
I don't have an slr, so no luck with shutter speed there. But if you time it right, you can still get some great jump shots! :)
And a great shot of Shelby's tongue, mid-bath!
Day 12, Slow
Well... This one was a bit impossible without an slr. The assignment was to seriously slow down our shutter speed. Since I can't do this, I just found a picture I had taken that really signifies slowing things down to me. And the kicker is, this is a total phone pic! One of the best pics I've ever taken with a phone, that's for sure! So glad I had my phone with me so I could get this one. :)


  1. Like your pics Alisha. Sorry you are having a rough year. I know that the challenges you are facing are never an easy task. Keep up the good work with the photography. I enjoy seeing your genius at work.

  2. LOVE that jump shot. So awesome!