Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It's been a long time since I've posted. This has been one of those years for my family. I believe I have sewn a total of 2 items since Christmas last year. I miss it. And I sure miss my blog! I have done several other crafty things sporadically through this year and I will share them soon. I hope to take the time each morning this week to get caught up. But for now, I want to share one big reason I have neglected my sewing and blogging.

My mother-in-law, Zaria Rumbo, was diagnosed with ALS last year. She was the most amazing mother-in-law anyone could ever pray, hope, and wish for. She was devastated by the diagnosis. She insisted on living alone for longer than she could manage. She was always so independent. Not to mention how much she liked her time to herself. Even on Holidays, if the family stuck around too long, she'd make it known it was time for everyone to leave. She had a twisted sense of humor, which she passed on to her son and is one of the first things that drew me to him. We spent a lot of time with her in her last months, and at night, when I usually sew, I couldn't bare to leave my husband alone. Regardless of what he wanted to talk about, be it her, arrangements for her, softball, a movie, football, you name it, I was there. No way I was going to leave him to his thoughts alone, especially if he wanted me right there with him.

The disease was rapid with her. Which is exactly what she wanted. Her biggest fear was that she would become a "vegetable". We both (as well as many others) prayed God would take her quickly, and I am so happy that was His will. She couldn't talk well the last 5 months, but she would text often. Her last requests of us was that we would take her dog, Echo (which was actually our dog originally- 12 years ago!), that I write a letter to my bff of 25 years that had died 6 years ago to be cremated with her (and rob's brother's wife write one to her daughter that had died), and that she get to see her granddaughters play softball once more (I think it's amazing the girls have such a great thing, on top of many others, that will always remind them how much she cared about them.). Naturally we took the dog, and I am so glad, we were able to get her to one last game. For the remainder of the season, if I didn't text her our score fast enough, she'd be texting me for it so she could get to sleep for the night. The final 2 weeks, she seemed to text me at least every other day asking when the team party would be. I knew why she was asking, but I never said. Our team party was an issue to put together. But that last week, I finally told her the team party would be later in the summer, but the league party was the day after our last game. On a Saturday. She passed away the following Monday. And the kicker of it all, not only was she determined to wait until the softball season was over for the girls, she also predicted the day she would pass on. She told us one day that in 9 days, she'd be in Heaven. And every morning that she could, she would tell us it was 8 more days, more days, ect. She left our world on June 13th, with less than 30 minutes to spare on her prediction.
We thank God for allowing her to not suffer long. It's very hard, but I'm also surprised at how well my husband, our children, myself, and the rest of the family has handled it. I do miss her so much though. This woman was absolutely amazing. I could go on forever about her! I miss her, and I look forward to seeing her and many others when I get to Heaven.

She did not want a funeral. To the point that her son had to tell her there would be one, that it was for us. And no way we'd not honor her after her passing! She never wanted to be a burden. When it came to her ashes, I asked her several times for something she would like done with them. Her answer was always the same- I don't care. When meeting with the crematorium, the question was brought up again. She finally changed her answer- Take them to the zoo and feed them to the monkeys for all I care!. We finally got the point. The ashes wouldn't be her. She'd be up in Heaven. And she could honestly care less what we chose to do with them.

We did have a celebration of life service for her. It was hard, but it was such a blessing, such a relief to know she was not suffering anymore. So happy, even, to know she was now with God... Some days, though, I'm not sure how we manage without her being a short drive or even a text away...

Here are a few pictures I took with my phone from the service.

We love and miss you Mom/Granny!

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to her.
    And ya know what? Life is allowed to get in the way of blogging.
    Love you!