Thursday, August 25, 2011

What have I done?

Well, I am going back trying to remember anything I have made over the summer, and I have only come up with a couple... I know I've done more, but can't seem to figure out what they were at the moment...

First. Demi and I worked on a project together. Rob and Lexi like to play video games a couple months a year(I sure wish I still had time too!), but Demi isn't into the same kind of games because she isn't quite as good. She doesn't have the determination Lexi does with them right now, and would rather do something crafty. So, I decided to come up with a craft she could do with my help. We made her a memo board. It's been finished for a couple months now, actually. Just waiting to be filled with pictures then hung on the wall. The pictures should be here tomorrow! :) We bought stuff to make Lexi one as well. However, video game was done, and Lexi ended up making hers with me instead of Demi making it for her. I definitely still have some projects for Demi the next time they get a game though! And I have projects for both of them as well. I'll post more pics once they are filled and hanging! And take the time to get better quality pics...

Here is Demi's. She designed, helped put it all together, painted the letters of her name and glittered them, ect.
And here is Lexi's. She designed hers and everything too.
Next... I like to make something for our softball players every season (speaking of, I better get on starting something for our Fall season that's about to start). This season, Rob and I worked together on a picture collage for them. We are lucky and have a grandparent on the team that works in a major companies print shop and printed them all for us and put them on a core board as well. Rob worked really hard on this too. I edited several softball pictures and just love them, I may have to post more later. Hubby definitely did more than me on this collage. I think it turned out great!
And last... My Lexi up and decided to turn 9 on me. And to have a massive slumber party! It actually turned out great and I can say that TJ, Rob, and I all had fun also! :) I was scared out of my mind before hand, but in the end, that turned out to be what made the party. My fear turned into the planning of MANY games to keep everyone busy. And it was great! I actually would be completely on board with doing it again! And again. And again.

I ran across a cake just browsing the internet and immediately knew it was for Lexi. Showed it to her and she begged me to make it for her birthday party. It was super easy, and super cute. I was worried about the taste though. It just called for plain white cake mix and icing. Not even vanilla, just white. And Lexi took a taste off the inside of the empty icing jar and didn't like it. So I did too, and I didn't like it. However, once it was cooked, it was fantastic. All the girls devoured it! It was such a fun different cake! And so SUPER easy to make! We'll me doing a rainbow one just for the fun of it soon!
Here's a link to the exact cake I ran across with a tutorial for making it! Have fun with it! It's awesome!

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  1. That cake is AWESOME. I love it.
    And those memory boards are wonderful too. What a fun thing to make with the girls.