Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Will I Ever Catch Up?...

Here's several things that Cameo and I have made over the past couple months....

Teacher gifts.

Mist water bottles.

Shirt for my mom (love it!)

Shirt for my sister and a friend of hers. (Really not sure why it refuses to turn. I've saved it turned. I've saved a new file of the pic... The blog refuses to recognize it...)

My phone's awesome new look. :)  

 And finally, meet my new car, Red. She's quite lovely. Of course she was given her paw prints and softball within hours of joining our family. Paws read "Faff, Mummy, Stretch, Bocker, and T-Buddy". 

1 comment:

  1. Love, love, love! Those water bottles for the kids are great! How do they hold up being washed?
    Got some iron on vinyl FINALLY and I haven't a clue how to use it and I STILL haven't used my regular vinyl. :o/