Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weight Warriors Week 14

Little Adventures

Current Weight

Weight +/- 

Total +/-

Goal for this week
Feel better. Keep eating right even if I don't!

Activity Plan
Softball season is in full swing and baseball for my son has now started as well. I'm going to plan for 2 walk workouts this week, as I know it will be a VERY busy one for me.

Struggle This Week?
My head. I have not worked out at all. I very much enjoyed Easter lunch. Which was also my husband's birthday. Saturday before Easter I made his favorite meal and enjoyed it. Monday after Easter, we went out for his birthday lunch. And pretty much since Monday after Easter, my allergies have been completely out of control and I'm having dizzy spells. Apparently something is in the air pretty bad as my older sister is experiencing the same thing at the same times. So I took it much easier this week. Didn't work out as I honestly was afraid I might fall over. And I am quite happy to have only gained 1 pound after all the "enjoying" I did over the 3 days prior to my weigh in. Hopefully I can get the weight back down this week!

Fitspiration (photos, Tips, etc...)
My hubby. I sure love this man. May 11th will be 13 years of marriage. 16 years together. I pray for many, many, many more.

I also made a new Easter wreath this year that I just love and want to show off! :) 


  1. Awwwwwwwww Soon time to wish you Happy Anniversary! <3 GORGEOUS wreath! Way to go on DIY! :D I love making neat stuff! Hope you have a great (even if busy) week!

  2. Hey Alisha :)
    Hows life going your way!?!?
    Still sticking with your healthy plan? I hope so! We all have ups and downs! :)
    I so thought I posted a comment on this but sometimes from my phone they do not come up! We are on week 17!!!!! :) Just Bethany and I now :D
    Everyone else dropped out! :D
    I am back to 256.8 :)
    finally! :) was almost back up to 260 after that last loss!
    was thinking of you!